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12V Lithium Battery

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    12V Lithium Battery
    Nominal Voltage12V
    Nominal CapacityCustomizable
    Nominal EnergyCustomizable
    Warranty5 Years

    Overall dimensions: (L)520*(W)269*(H)220mm;
    Battery case material: ABS+PC;
    Terminal: M8;
    Accessories: screws, insulating caps, instructions;
    Warranty: 5 years;
    Battery system: lithium iron phosphate;
    Series and parallel system: supports 4 series or 4 parallel;
    Product certification: Shipping appraisal report UN38.3 MSDS dangerous package certificate;
    Product weight: 28kg;
    Packaging style: dangerous carton;
    Standard: black;

    12V Lithium Battery
    Working voltage:12.8V
    Standard charging voltage (V):14.4 V
    Charging current:30A (MAX: 50A)
    Continuous discharge current:50A (MAX: 100A)
    Discharge cut-off voltage (V):10.8V
    Working current:0-100A
    Charging time:50A 5h
    Use time:100A 2.5h
    Over-temperature protection:65℃
    Charging temperature:0℃ to 55℃
    Discharge temperature:-20℃ to 60℃
    Storage temperature:0℃ to 40℃