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20-feet Air-cooled cabinet

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    20-feet Air-cooled cabinet
    Attery rated capacity1MWh
    Protection levelIP54
    Battery temperature control modeIntelligent air-cooled
    Warranty5 Years

    The 20-feet Air-cooled cabinet C&I solar power storage systems feature state-of-the-art air-cooled technology. The compact design of the cabinet allows for easy installation and space optimization. With a capacity to store solar power, reducing their reliance on traditional power sources.

    Air-cooled cabinet

    ●Battery Modular design, distributed cooling design, better temperature control
    Our 20-feet Air-cooled cabinet C&I solar power storage systems feature a revolutionary Battery Modular design and distributed cooling system. This means better temperature control, ensuring your batteries last longer and perform at their peak. No more worrying about overheating or costly replacements!

    ●Configuration of flammable gas detection, early warning system safety status
    With our cutting-edge flammable gas detection and early warning system, you can rest easy knowing that safety is our top priority. Our 20-feet Air-cooled cabinet C&I solar power storage systems are equipped with advanced technology to constantly monitor safety status, giving you peace of mind and preventing potential hazards.

    ●System running data analysis, intelligent terminal display
    Our 20-feet Air-cooled cabinet C&I solar power storage systems go beyond just storing energy – they also provide invaluable data analysis. Our intelligent terminal display gives you access to a comprehensive system running data analysis. Harness this information to optimize energy usage, make smarter decisions, and maximize your savings.

    Battery type3.2V/280Ah
    System battery configuration1P224S*5
    attery rated capacity1MWh
    Battery voltage range627.2~ 806.4V
    BMS communication interfaceEthernet
    BMS communication protocolModbus TCPbus
    AC side power rating500kVA
    AC current distortion rate<3%(Rated power)
    DC component<0.5%
    AC side rated voltage380V
    Voltage range of power grid342~418V
    Power factor>0.99(Rated power)
    Reactive power adjustable range-105%~105%
    Rated grid frequency50Hz
    Power Grid frequency range45~55Hz
    Isolation ModeTransformer isolation
    Battery cabinet size(L*W*H)L6058*W2591*H2438mm
    Weight of container20T
    Protection levelIP54
    Operating temperature range(-30°C~50°C)(>45°CReduction)
    Operating humidity range0~95%(No condensation)
    Battery temperature control modeIntelligent air-cooled
    Cooling mode of converterTemperature control forced air cooling
    Fire fighting system (battery container)Aerosol, flammable gas detection+exhaust, water fire(optional)
    System communication interfaceRS485、Ethernet、CAN
    External system communication protocolalModbus TCP、Modbus RTU、CAN2.0