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    Battery voltage range1075.2~ 1382.4V
    Battery rated capacity372KWh
    Battery pack protection level
    Warranty5 Years

    372 kWh liquid-cooled cabinet solar battery storage system. Intelligent liquid-cooled temperature control, reduce system auxiliary power consumption. Configure the local control and remote monitoring platform. System running data analysis, intelligent terminal display.

    solar battery storage

    ●Intelligent liquid-cooled temperature control, reduce system auxiliary power consumption
    Our intelligent liquid-cooled temperature control technology is not just about keeping your solar battery storage system at an optimal level – it’s about reducing your energy bills, too! By efficiently managing the system’s temperature, we minimize auxiliary power consumption, ensuring you get more bang for your buck and enjoy significant savings on your monthly energy expenses.

    ●Configure the local control and remote monitoring platform
    With our C&I solar battery storage systems, you don’t have to be physically present to monitor your energy usage. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to configure and control the system locally or remotely through our user-friendly monitoring platform. Whether at home, in the office, or on vacation, you can effortlessly optimize your solar power storage from anywhere with an internet connection!

    ●System running data analysis, intelligent terminal display
    Harnessing the true potential of your C&I solar battery storage system has always been challenging. Our advanced technology analyzes running data in real time, providing valuable insights and actionable information that can significantly enhance efficiency. With our intelligent terminal display, you can easily access this data at a glance, making informed decisions to maximize performance while minimizing costs. Unleash the intelligence of your solar power storage system today!

    Battery type3.2V/302Ah
    System battery configuration1P384S
    Battery rated capacity372KWh
    Battery voltage range1075.2~ 1382.4V
    BMS communication interfaceEthernet
    BMS communication protocolModbus TCP
    Battery cabinet size(L*W*H)L1450*W2100*H1700mm
    Weight of container3700kg
    Protection levelIP54
    Battery pack protection levelIP67
    Operating temperature range(-30°C~50°C)(>45°CReduction)
    Operating humidity range0~95%(No condensation)
    Battery temperature control modeIntelligent air-cooled
    Fire fighting system (battery container)Aerosol
    System communication interfaceRS485、Ethernet、CAN
    External system communication protocolalModbus TCP、Modbus RTU、CAN2.0