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    Rated Voltage409.6V
    Rated Capacity27Ah
    Battery capacity10KWh
    Warranty5 Years

    Integrated stacked design of inverter and battery

    Our all-in-one energy storage system combines the power of an inverter and battery into one integrated stacked design. This means you get efficient energy conversion and storage, all while saving space and reducing clutter. Plus, with safety functions like anti-islanding protection, overload protection, and short circuit protection, you can know your home or business is always well-protected.

    Support ON Grid/Hybrid working mode, high voltage Three-phase electric power electrical output

    With our all-in-one energy storage system, you can experience the best of both worlds – on-grid reliability and off-grid independence. Our system supports ON Grid Hybrid working mode, allowing you to switch between grid-connected and standalone modes as needed seamlessly. So our approach has got you covered, whether optimizing your energy usage during peak times or keeping your lights on during a power outage.

    With multiple national grid connection certifications

    Trust is vital for something as important as your energy storage system. That’s why our all-in-one solution comes with multiple national grid connection certifications. This means that not only do we meet the highest standards for safety and performance, but we also ensure compatibility with various national grids. Rest assured that our system is backed by rigorous testing and trusted by authorities nationwide.

    Safety First, Always

    Your safety is our top priority; our all-in-one energy storage system has essential safety functions such as anti-islanding protection, overload protection, and short circuits.

    All-in-one Energy Storage
    AC input rangeAC380V/400V,3W+N+PE
    Inverter output rangeAC380V/400V,3W+N+PE
    AC output power6000VA
    Battery capacity10KWh
    Max discharge current100A
    Max PV input power9000W
    Rate Power6000VA
    Rated output voltageAC380V/400V ,3W+N+PE
    Rated frequency50Hz/60Hz
    Inversion efficiencyON-Grid/off-Grid/Hybrid
    PV input voltage250V~850V
    PV input power9000W
    Battery input voltage150~550V
    Product CertificationVDE 4105:EN50549
    Battery typeLiFePo4
    Rated Capacity27Ah
    Rated Voltage409.6V204.8V*2
    Max Charge Current50A
    Max Discharge current100A
    Working Temperature-10℃ to 50℃
    Cycle Life6000 cycles