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    Nominal Voltage51.2V
    Nominal Capacity100Ah
    Nominal Energy3.072kWh
    Warranty5 Years

    25.6 Volt 3kW 120Ah Wall Mounted Off Grid Energy Storage Battery is designed for storing electrical energy in a compact, efficient manner. It’s especially suited for residential use, small commercial setups, or specialized applications where space is at a premium and lower voltage is sufficient. The specifications – 25.6 volts, 3kW (kilowatts) power capacity, and 120Ah (ampere-hours) energy storage capacity – indicate its moderate storage and power provision abilities.

    off grid energy storage

    Off Grid Energy Storage Key Features

    • Voltage (V): 25.6V signifies a lower voltage level, making this battery ideal for certain specific applications or smaller energy requirements.
    • Power Capacity (kW): At 3kW, it can supply a modest amount of power, suitable for supporting smaller households or specific applications within larger systems.
    • Energy Storage Capacity (Ah): With 120Ah, this battery has a good storage capacity, which indicates it can hold a substantial amount of energy for its size, providing power over a reasonable period before needing a recharge.
    • Advanced Energy Storage Wall-Mounted Design: Space-saving and convenient, the wall-mounted feature allows for easier installation and maintenance, fitting well into limited spaces.

    Off Grid Energy Storage Applications

    1. Supplemental Home Energy Storage: Perfect for smaller homes or as a supplementary system in larger ones, supporting specific critical circuits or appliances.
    2. Backup for Critical Loads: Provides power to essential devices during outages, such as medical equipment, lighting, or telecommunications devices.
    3. Off-Grid Power for Remote Applications: Ideal for remote cabins, shelters, or any location where a full-scale grid connection is impractical.
    4. Mobile or Portable Power Solutions: Can be a good choice for RVs, food trucks, mobile workshops, or any scenario requiring compact, reliable energy storage.


    • Installation and Integration: Professional installation is recommended to ensure safe and effective integration into your existing electrical system.
    • Load Assessment: It’s important to accurately assess your power and energy needs to ensure this battery’s capabilities align with your requirements.
    • Maintenance and Lifecycle: While generally low-maintenance, periodic checks are advised to ensure the system’s longevity and reliability.
    • Understanding Warranty and Support: Clarify the warranty terms, support options, and expected lifespan to gauge long-term viability and cost-effectiveness.
    • Local Regulations and Incentives: Check any local regulations regarding battery installation and potential incentives that might offset initial costs.


    Battery dataNominal Voltage25.6V
    Nominal Capacity120Ah
    Charge Voltage28.8V
    Recommended Charge Current20A
    Max. Cont. Charge Current50A
    BMS8S 100A
    Charge High Temp Protection60°C
    Charge Low Temp Protection-5°C
    Discharge High Temp Protection65°C
    Discharge Low Temp Protection– 20°C
     Inverter DataRate Power3300VA/3300W
    Monitoring OptionWiFi
    Output Voltage220-230-240VAC
    Surge Power6000VA
    Peak Efficiency0.92
    Transfer Time10ms
    Inverter ParallelNone
    Wave FormPure Sine Wave
    Solar Charger
    & AC Charger
    Max.PV Array Open Circuit500VDC
    altx.PV Array Power4000W
    Operating Voltage MPPT Range120~450Vdc
    Max.Solar Charge current80A
    Max.AC Charge Current80A
    Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)
    Dimensions(L*W*H)L=708mm x W=520 x D=222
    Shell materialsheet metal
    Status IndicatorsSOC / ALM / RUN
    Communication in ParallelNone
    Communication PortsWIFI/RS232· RS485·CAN
    Terminal SizeM6