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golf cart lithium battery

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    golf cart lithium batteries
    Nominal Voltage24V
    Nominal Capacity100Ah 
    Number of charge cycles:6000
    Warranty5 Years

    Bluetooth function can added to view battery parameters through the mobile APP.

    With our golf cart lithium batteries, you can easily add a Bluetooth function that lets you check battery parameters and monitor its performance from your mobile app. No more guessing or worrying about your battery’s state – stay in control with just a tap!

    Communication function: RS485 or CAN can added to communicate with the customer host.

    We understand the importance of seamless communication when managing your golf cart operations. That’s why our lithium battery can be equipped with RS485 or CAN communication function, allowing it to communicate with your host computer effortlessly. This means increased efficiency, accurate data exchange, and smoother overall performance.

    Add LCD to check battery power.

    Forget the hassle of constantly wondering about your battery level while gaming. Our golf cart lithium batteries feature an LCD, allowing you to check the remaining power at any time quickly.

    Heating function: when the battery is outdoors at low temperatures, heat it first and then charge it.

    Say goodbye to sluggish batteries and hello to unstoppable performance! Our cutting-edge golf cart lithium batteries has a convenient heating function that eliminates the negative impact of low temperatures.

    golf cart lithium batteries