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Lithium RV Battery

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    Lithium RV Battery
    Nominal Voltage12V
    Nominal Capacity100Ah 
    Number of charge cycles:6000
    Warranty5 Years

    Efficient power solutions on the road. These advanced batteries boast several impressive features that make them stand out in the market:
    ●Lithium RV Battery have an incredibly long lifespan, up to ten times longer than traditional lead-acid alternatives. This durability ensures peace of mind for customers, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
    ●These batteries are significantly lighter and more compact, allowing for easy installation and maximizing space utilization within recreational vehicles.
    ●Lithium RV Battery offer faster charging times and higher energy density, enabling users to quickly recharge their power supply and optimize their overall energy usage while on the go.

    roadtrip with motorhome in Indian summer Quebec Canada

    Function expansion:
    ●Bluetooth function can be added to check battery parameters through mobile APP
    ●Communication function can be added, RS485 or CAN communication function can be added to communicate with the customer host
    ●Add LCD display to check battery power
    ●Heating function: when the battery is used outdoors at low temperature, heat the battery first and then charge it.

    Product featuresstandard lead-acid shell,built-in lithium battery
    Battery voltage12.8V (4 strings) and 25.6V (8 strings)
    Capacity levelminimum capacity 6Ah, maximum capacity 300Ah
    Product application marketRV field
    Expanded applications12V batteries connected in series to form a 48V voltage
    four batteries connected in parallel to expand the capacity
    Certification requirementsUL1973 CE IEC62133