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High Voltage Stacked Energy Storage Batteries

High Voltage Stacked Energy Storage

High Voltage Stacked Energy Storage Box 2 to 8 Battery Modules Stackable With 5kWh to 15 kWh Usable Capacity

Rongke High Voltage Series Stacked Battery Box contains between 2 to 8 battery modules stacked in parallel and can reach 5 to 15 kWh usable capacity. Easy installations for Backup and Off-Grid application.Thanks to Rongke excellent Iron-Phosphate battery technology, Stacked Battery Box has the superiorities of high reliability, high life-cycle and high-temperature performance, as well as being eco friendly.

The Rongke High Voltage Stacked Energy Storage Box is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery for use with an external inverter.Thanks to its control and communication unit (BMU), the Battery-Box is scalable to meet different project requirements. Start with Battery-Box 5.12kWh and extend later to 15.36 kWh using parallel interconnection of up to 8 batteries.

Safety & Reliable
LiFePO4 prismatic battery cell,high safety
Secured by integrated superior vehicle-level BMS
Flexible Applications
Each battery 5.12kWh, scalable to 15.36 kWh Applicable to 1& 3 phase HV hybrid inverters
High Performance
High power emergency-backup when outage IP55 for both indoor and outdoor installation
Easy Installation
Compact and light,quick installation and configuration Prefabricated cables and connectors for plug and play
High Voltage Stacked Battery Box

Cell FormatLFP 16S2PLFP 16S3PLFP 16S4PLFP 16S5PLFP 16S6PLFP 16S7PLFP 16S8P
Nominal Capacity200Ah300Ah400Ah500Ah600Ah700Ah800Ah
Battery Usable Energy10.24kWh15.36kWh20.48kWh25.6kWh30.72kWh35.84kWh40.96kWh
Nominal Voltage51.2V
Charge Voltage57.6V
Discharge Cut-offff Voltage44.8V
Rate Discharge Current50A
Max Discharge Current100A
Rate Charge Current50A
Max Charge Current100A

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