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    Nominal Voltage(V)51.2V
    Nominal Capacity(Ah)100Ah
    Usable Capacity(Wh)5.12KWh
    Warranty5 Years

    The solar wall-mounted battery storage system is a PV energy storage system, which can match the international mainstream inverter brand. It has been certified by UN38.3 and MSDS.

    This wall-mounted battery storage has a sleek wall mount design that blends with home decor. Gone are the days of unsightly wires and bulky equipment taking up precious space in your living area. Our innovative system saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint by harnessing clean energy that would otherwise go to waste.

    wall-mounted battery

    Note:  1.If the battery is abnormal with the inverter, please confirm  the protocol version        
               2.If you use other brand inverters not listed in the list, please provide the protocol or inverter so as to test the compatibility with our battery before shipment.         
               3.Above table including but not limit to those compatible inverters listed.

    No.Inverter BrandProtocol version
    1VoltronicInverter and BMS 485 communication  Protocol-2020/07/09
    2SchneiderVersion2 SE BMS Communication Protocol
    3GrowattGrowatt BMS RS485 Protocol 1xSxxP ESS Rev2.01
    Growatt BMS CAN-Bus-protocol-low-voltage-V1.04
    4SRNETechnical specification Studer BMS Protocol V1.02_EN
    5GoodweLV BMS Protocol (CAN) for Solar Inverter Family EN_V1.5
    6KELONGCAN communication protocol between SPH-BL series inverter and BMS

    Comprehensive advantages

    1. Long cycle life reduces cost of average life expectancy
    Wall-mounted battery storage systems have a battery designed to have a long cycle life. It can be charged and discharged many times without affecting its performance. The long cycle life of our battery makes the battery more durable. It saves you the cost of replacing the batteries frequently.
    2. Maintenance -free brings lower cost
    Batteries in wall-mounted battery storage systems do not require regular water level checks or the addition of distilled water like lead-acid batteries.
    3. The operation temperature range is wide
    The Wall-mounted battery storage system battery can operate in a wide range of temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit) to 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees Fahrenheit). Working in all weather conditions means we can offer our products worldwide without worrying about their performance being affected by different climates or seasons.
    4. Intelligent Battery Management System
    The Wall-mounted battery storage system Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) individually monitors the state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) of each battery, ensuring the safety and longevity of all batteries configured in series or parallel using IBMS technology.
    5. The battery will not be burnt or exploded in case of acupuncture, baking and other extreme statues
    The wall-mounted battery system will not burn or explode under extreme conditions such as acupuncture and baking, ensuring safe operation.